The Blue Pool – gone but not at all forgotten by people in Camberley!

Camberley Blue Pool postcard

No crowd-sourced history of Camberley can be started without beginning with the Blue Pool on the A30 – beloved of so many people!  Demolished in the early 1970s and now the site of a block of flats.  Below is a piece that I wrote more recently about the history of the pool.

For how the site looks now, see





7 thoughts on “The Blue Pool – gone but not at all forgotten by people in Camberley!

  1. The Blue Pool was a big part of our summers growing up in the 70s. When we broke up from school, almost every day was taken up by the long walk down the A30 from the Old Dean Estate to meet up with everyone. It was ramshackle back then, the changing rooms were wooden huts with plenty of holes for spying (!) and the ‘cafe’ was rough, it’s finances held together by the queueing children buying sweets. But the grass slopes were lush and the pool was heaven as it gave us somewhere to go without having to ask an adult to drive you. This glorious slice of heaven was brought crashing to earth one hot and sunny day when sudden shouts of ‘Clear the pool!’ were heard from a middle aged man. Teenager Paul Ellis was seen diving to the bottom with a friend, trying to rescue a young girl who had got into difficulties. Despite their best efforts, the girl, Gillian O’Donnell sadly didn’t make it. We were all sent home bewildered, some crying, most shocked at what we had witnessed. The pool was closed and only re-opened briefly a long time after. I have been told that there was another drowning there in its brief reopening, but I don’t have details.

  2. my name is GERALD DAY . i have so many memories of the blue pool. the long hot summers . my friends and i . were always there . sadly i recall the pool being sold to the council. gradually the diving boards went and the council ran it into the ground. the place became closed and derelict never to open again . its fate was sealed when a girl coming home from a night at the pub in town sadly fell into the derelict pool and died . .an awful buiseness . within a few months the pool was filled in .
    at least we have the memories . i learnt to swim there .
    trying to find MARK and MARTIN PEART if anyone knows them or me ill be happy to hear from you .

    • Thank you Gerald for adding this. I must do a bit of research on the history of the pool and find out some more facts. Have you tried looking for Mark and Martin on the Facebook Page ‘Historic Frimley….’? (And several other local places). The Page seems to be acting as a sort of local Friends Reunited at the moment!

  3. As a Camberley resident I find this fascinating but please, where actually was the pool situated? What road was it on/adjacent to?

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