The Case of the Missing Clock and other puzzles….

Here is my very first post on this new website for Camberley history – and the post itself is history and nearly 2 years old! It comes from my Camberley Observed blog.

Camberley Observed

I wonder if this is the source of the ‘escaped medieval building’ syndrome that seems to affect some of Camberley’s town centre buildings?  Not only does this Edwardian pair of shops look much older but there may have been a gap in the space-time continuum through which a large external timepiece has disappeared?

Alas, there is a simpler explanation – and it concerns the story of a family of Estate Agents.  Originally a Mr Chancellor passed his business on to his sons – one took over in Camberley (Chancellor & Son) and one took over in Bagshot & Lightwater (Chancellors).  The Camberley office had a large clock, with their name on it hung in pride of place from the first floor.  When this branch of the family recently decided to pull out of the residential market (although they are still in the building somewhere….) the clock was taken down and…

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