Beaufront School/Maywood House

Beaufront School

Maywood House

Not that long ago I came across the memoirs (A Matron Remembers by Gladys Venning, 1985) of someone who had worked at Beaufront School for a short while in the 1930s.    A few months later I came across this advertisement for the school, for sale on eBay.  I became intrigued and went to the museum to find out more.

Luckily they had a research sheet which I reproduce here.  The subject is considerably more complicated than it looks as the house, and the school, changed names (and locations) several times.

I have promised several people that I would publish what I have managed to find out so far.  I am hoping that others can fill in more detail.


7 thoughts on “Beaufront School/Maywood House

  1. Interesting. Manora Thew, the silent film actress was an old girl. Her parents were in the India Service and boarded her here. You will find her in the 1911 census.

  2. I was at Beaufront School for girls and left there in July 1955, have often wondered what happened to the school. Miss Creed and Miss Richards were joint Headmistresses then.,

  3. My mother Joanna Chater was at Beaufront in the mid 1930s, as were her sisters Patricia and Sarah. My mother was head girl, and went on to RADA thanks to the acting skills she learned at school. I well remember going to visit Miss Creed and Miss Richards as a boy in the 1950s, though I think the school’s location had changed from my mother’s day. They were sweet little old ladies who could have been played by Alistair Sim.

  4. We have just bought the part of Maywood House that has not been re-built after the fire which destroyed the top two floors of the school. We were told the fire happened in 1950 and subsequently the property was then split in two and sold off as two separate properties. The top two floors of the other side of the house were apparently rebuilt in 2000. Do you have an information about the fire that did so much damage to the property or the sale of the houses at that time. I am trying to gather some information regarding the history of the building and your blog has been most helpful. Many thanks.
    Sandra Carter

    • Sandra – thank you for your comment and enquiry. Unfortunately, I know about the fire, but I don’t have any information about it. Hopefully someone will add something to this blog which will help. It might be worth asking at the Surrey Heath Museum where you should be able to see copies of the local paper from the time. I will also ask around and see if I can dig up anything useful!

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