Yet another A30 pub passing into history

Talking about the demise of local pubs, here is another one. Once upon a time Camberley had many, many more…

The Camberley Eye

A planning application has been submitted to re-develop ‘Big Pappa’s Kitchen’ on the A30 in Camberley.

P1050384bIn fact, most people probably don’t recognise the building – which is opposite the mosque – by its current name.  Ken Clarke has written about the history of the former public house:

The Globe used to cater for tradesmen and the labouring class, and it did not have any accommodation for persons or horses. The land, all 168 foot of it, was sold to John Edwards and John Cox. It did not become licensed until 1861, and the first mine host was an H. Lee, followed in 1864 by George Clarke, [no relation to me].  It was sold in 1876 for the sum of £1433. 6s 8d to Simonds Brewery of Reading. 

But in those days The Globe was a little closer to the town centre;  on the land now occupied by the…

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