Brother of famous novelist preaches at local Frimley church!

P1020380 - Version 2


Before Camberley existed there was only Frimley – and the parish church, nestling on the edge of undeveloped heathland, was a partly timber-framed chapel originally built in the 15th century.

As the population grew it became obvious that ‘mend and make-do’ couldn’t continue and heated discussions broke out as to where and what to build instead.  In the end, they settled on building next to the existing chapel and managed to raise enough money to build in a good local stone.

When it was opened on 18 October 1826, there were still bills to be paid and the sermon preached by Henry Austen (brother of the novelist Jane) was published and copies sold to the public.

Until the building of St Michael’s Church on the London Road, all of the area’s burials were in St Peter’s churchyard so Admirals lie next to artists and soldiers lie next to American poets.

Local historian Mary Bennett has written a comprehensive and enjoyable history of St Peter’s and the other churches in the area “Faith in Frimley”  (2000, published by the Surrey Heath Local History Club) which is available from the Museum and the Heritage Gallery.


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