Crimean veteran found buried in Camberley graveyard


This splendid church was built in 1851 for the increasing number of people who were several miles from a local church.  It sits on a small knoll,  the land having been granted by the Royal Military Academy next door.

However, the RMA did not provide the funds to build it and these were raised entirely by public subscription.  Even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert provided £50 (a considerable sum in the mid 19th century).

Designed by Henry Woodyer and built of local stone, it was originally much smaller but  a tower and a spire were added in 1891 in memory of Freda Middleton, the daughter of the vicar.

Of the officiating clergymen one name stands out – Charles Kingsley from the nearby parish of Eversley, who took the funeral service for a General Thackeray.  Kingsley was both a priest, an academic and a popular author of the time.(

Oh – and the Crimean veteran? near the church porch is the gravestone of Sergeant Fineghan, who served as an orderly to Florence Nightingale in the Crimea.

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