Did you try the quiz? here is the first batch of answers……

I asked the question, yesterday, which of the institutions and buildings in the postcards would have been present in 1850.

The Basingstoke canal would definitely have been visible.  It opened in 1794, principally to transport timber, flour and chalk to London.  More info here: http://www.basingstoke-canal.org.uk

The railway, however, had a troubled history.  Construction started in 1865 but tragedy struck at the building of a cutting near Crawley Ridge, workers were killed and then funds ran out. The route wasn’t completed until 1878.

The Royal Military Academy, of course, was definitely part of the scene, but there wasn’t really much of a town to boast about, in 1850, just a small settlement strung out along the London Road from the Frimley Road towards Blackwater.  The impressive entrance gates in my postcard were built, I think, in 1812, but, of course, the war memorial nearby is much later…….

And finally to St Michael’s Church – not built, of course, until 1851 and the tower was later still.


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