Crowd-sourcing? It really works!


I have been asking all around recently to see if anyone knows anything about the manufacturer of this jigsaw (one of a series) and why the name Camberley was used.

Luckily, when I contacted the Facebook Group ‘Historic Frimley, Frimley Green, Camberley, Deepcut and surrounding area’ two people, came up with some information.

From Lee Thomas: Made by Tower Press, a British jig saw and game manufacturer between the 1930’s and 1969 when bought by Waddington’s. TP3=Tower Press A Member of The Guiterman Group of Companies (Guiterman acquired company in 5/1961, last Ad 6/1965. Tower Press London Ltd. new company taking over Guiterman assets purchased by Waddingtons 6/1966. By 11/1967 still a separate company but exchanging ideasknow-how) The reference I have found for the jigsaw below is: TP3 400 ‘CAMBERLEY’ 19X14.5 ART 4867 MOORLAND PONIES D.C. Eylee {*WL}. And a reference for the jigsaw above is: TP3 400 ‘CAMBERLEY’ 19X14.5 ART 4867 THE OLD SAILING BARGE {*WL}. Doesn’t explain the name though?

From Steve Holloway: These “Camberley” puzzles…”Camberley” was just the name given to a theme of puzzles(Tower Press had many)It has nothing to do with the place name with regard to the featured puzzle! But the mystery remains..”why chose “Camberley”? The company that made them had origins in The Isle Of Man,with connections to Camberley in new Zealand…I wonder if that is where the “Camberley” connection comes from(name,not location!)

Many thanks.


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