Evacuees? in Camberley?

Here is another puzzle I haven’t been able to solve, despite asking around.  I know that there were World War II evacuees in the Camberley area; both grand ones like the daughters of the Dame of Sark and ordinary people fleeing the bombs in London.  France Hill House was filled with people from Croydon.  Houses in Norwich Avenue and Brackendale Road were used by London schools, while Corinna, in the Avenue (now rebuilt as a Care Home) became a nursery school as did the Criterion Pub in Yorktown.

The landlady in my postcard is, presumably, at the Criterion Pub, but the text talks of 3000 people being helped by her.  I imagine she cannot have been the only one but I don’t know who organised the evacuation at the Camberley end and the exact number of people who came.  If it was the thousands, the town must have been bursting at the seams?

Can anyone give me any more detail?


One thought on “Evacuees? in Camberley?

  1. I was living in a house in Connaught Rd of st/ave in 1941 aaged12 and went to an evacuated London school called Raine’s Foundation School for boys from east London

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