Ballet school vanishes – help needed!

The Mortimer Schools

I found this small advertisement on eBay and now I am trying to piece together something of the history of Elmhurst Ballet School before it was spirited away to Birmingham and the site re-developed into a large block of flats.

I have been told that there is a Facebook Group for those who attended and I am hoping that someone will be able to give me a little bit more information.


4 thoughts on “Ballet school vanishes – help needed!

  1. Princess Margret visited the school I think about 1975 my mother was working there (in the kitchen) I worked there as a Saturday job and for a short while after I left school also in the kitchen

  2. I attended Elmhurst Ballet School in Camberley for 9 years….would be happy to answer any questions.

    • Victoria – thank you very much for getting in touch. Any memories of your time at Elmhurst would be very welcome. I am trying to create a crowd-sourced history of Camberley online so that people can share their own memories and have access to some basic facts – a bit like a cross between Wikipedia and Facebook! You can email me at

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