Camberley’s lost glamour? More information needed!


This is a prize winning plaque from a dance competition long gone.  The winners, Joan and Stan Hammond, were particularly keen on Old Time ballroom dancing and entered quite a few competitions  held in what is now the theatre and was then the new Civic Hall.

There was also something called the Third Sunday Club who held competitions there and they were written about by Joan Moreby in a local paper.

I am hoping that I can get plenty of information about these competitions and then I can see if the Museum is interested in having the trophy, together with what I have found out.


4 thoughts on “Camberley’s lost glamour? More information needed!

  1. I don’t think Camberley’s lost all it’s glamour you can still learn ballroom and you can also enter competitions

  2. I remember competing in 3rd Sunday Club at the Civic hall. I have a pile of plaques like that one and medals from those competitions! (gathering dust in the loft!) I was part of the scene until 1971. Johnstones School of Dancing, Frimley.

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