Camberley landmark becomes an educational beacon?

In the 1870s the area around the Obelisk was starting to be developed and the first house to be built was The Knoll, so called, presumably because it nestled into the hillside.  My photographs show modern houses built on roughly the same spot.

In 1875 the Reverend G B Cox was the owner of what was then called ‘Knoll House’ and the 1871 census shows that it was already a school as he had 9 male boarders living in, aged between 11 and 17.  The house seems to have passed through another teaching clergyman, the Rev Fox and then, by 1907, Mr Tinniswood had a school at ‘The Knoll’ although he moved on in 1914.

By the start of WW 2, the building was a select boarding school for about 30 girls aged 8-17.

By 1960, The Knoll was providing a home for the Catholic school of St Tarcisius which was forced to move from Obelisk Street because of the re-development of the town centre.  In 1971 the school was split into a two parts and the younger children moved to the old Yorktown Primary School which was renamed St Gregorys.

In 1996 The Knoll/St Tarcisius school building itself was redeveloped and the school moved again to its present site in Tomlinscote Way and renamed St Augustines.


7 thoughts on “Camberley landmark becomes an educational beacon?

  1. Re: Tinniswood and School. My grandfather was working for Mr.Tinniswood at his school in Camberley in 1927. Can anyone tell me more about where this school was or what sort of school it was??

    • I think it was just a small private school – there were a great many at the time. The school would have been actually in ‘The Knoll’ which wasn’t used a private house for very long. I imagine that Mr Tinniswood and his family lived in part of it at the time.
      The building site was roughly where the houses are now in my photograph. There are quite a lot of photos of how the school looked when it was St Tarcisius and if you do a Google search you should be able to find these. Good hunting!

      • Thank you for your very prompt response. However, I am still a bit baffled. In the text it says in reference to Mr.Tinniswood and Knoll House that he ‘had moved on in 1914’, so where was he in 1927?
        I’ve found it very difficult to track down these private schools. My grandfather also taught at somewhere called the ‘Scholar Gypsy’ on Boar’s Hill in Oxford and I can’t find any trace of this at all either!!
        Rosemary Hill

    • Thank you for the update. Every bit of information is a help! In his Teacher’s Registration document my grandfather says he worked at Holmdale from 1912-1917. He then went to War and returned to live first in St.Mary’s Road and then Frimley Road in Camberley until 1919. After some family upheavals he went to work again for Mr.Tinniswood in 1927. However, by then he was living in Oxford and commuted to Camberley a couple of days a week. Mr.Tinniswood offered him a full time job but my grandfather had other work in Oxford and didn’t want to move and so declined the offer.
      Thanks again for following up on this.
      Rosemary Hill

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