Chess Champion writes history of Camberley

George Collingwood Brownlow Poulter was born in 1909 into what was becoming Camberley’s gentry.  The elder son of Horatio Orlando Poulter and Maria Magdalene Corbauld,  his uncles were Reginald and Briant Poulter the local architects.

He seems to have devoted his life to antiquarian studies and sport – he was elected to the society of Genealogists in 1933 and was a life member of two rifle clubs at Bisley.  He played chess at County level and was the Hon Sec and Hon Treasurer of the Camberley Chess Club from 1927.  In 1934 he was co-opted on to the Records and Ancient Monuments Committees of both the Surrey County Council nd Frimley & Camberley Urban District Council.  He died in 1976 without, as far as I can see, having married.

However, he left a legacy in the form of his own historical items, which provided the basis for the Surrey Heath Museum’s collection.  George himself was the first curator of what was then just Camberley Museum and which was housed in the offices of the Borough council on London Road.

I have found two of his publications available in Camberley:  ‘Golden Farmer’ which was first printed in 1934 and then reprinted by the council in 1969 and 1973 and ‘The History of Camberley’ printed 1937 and also reprinted.  I think he also wrote ‘The later highwaymen of Bagshot Heath’ but I haven’t been able to find a copy.  I will be putting a book list on this blog as soon as I can with all the details of everything I have found.


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