Camberley resident jogs down memory lane…….

This small book is subtitled ‘A jog down memory lane in Old Camberley’. This week, since I am looking at people who have written about Camberley’s history, I felt that I must include it, despite the fact that the author says “This is not an historical account, with dates and histories of famous buildings, but just a family life, typical of many families in Camberley in the early nineteen hundred, so different from our present day life in the sprawling assortment of supermarkets, roundabouts and office blocks we see today.”

Ivy Alice Potton (1908-1989) published this small memoir in 1985 and dedicated it to her grandchildren “and to all the children growing up in this brave new world”.  She was particularly concerned  with the rearing of children from an early age, and, as an adult, she ran a nursery school in Grand Avenue called ‘Gay Trees’ and even learned the skills of entertaining the young with a Punch and Judy show.

If you have ever wondered what it was like to live in Camberley when the small town was suddenly overtaken by the late 20th century and much of the centre demolished, then you may find this a worthwhile read.


9 thoughts on “Camberley resident jogs down memory lane…….

  1. I used to go to that nursery on Grand Avenue in the ’60’s before moving on to Yorktown school on the London Road. Fond and happy memories!

  2. Ivy Potten was my aunt. I went to “Gay Trees” as a small child where my other aunt Violet also taught. My father was Henry ( known as Harry) who owned and ran the jewellers shop in Camberley High Street. I have very fond memories of my aunts and my time at kindergarten and would love to know how to obtain copies of her books or find out anything more.

    • How lovely to hear from you. You can find copies of her books via Amazon (secondhand dealers), eBay and (also owned by Amazon, but principally run by the book trade). All of these sites have searches and eBay will allow you to save a search and then send you an email when something turns up.
      I think she deserves to be better known in the town and would love to do a little gentle nudging in that direction.
      Local writer Ken Clarke ( knew your aunt quite well and you might like to contact him.

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