Yorktown McD’s most famous customer?

Well, no, as Sir Arthur Sullivan is no longer alive and he actually lived in the house that was demolished to make way for the drive-through!

Arthur was born in Lambeth, London in 1842 to Thomas Sullivan,  a military bandmaster and music teacher.  Between 1848 and 1857 his father was a bandmaster at the RMC and the family lived in one of the small villas called Albany Place, next door to Agincourt House.    It is possible that Arthur went to Yorktown School until he was 8 but he was already showing considerable musical promise even then.  By the 1851 census the family seems to have moved into the RMC itself and by 1853 Arthur was at school in Bayswater.

In 1886, the now extremely famous composer returned to the town to write ‘The Golden Legend’.   Much more on his life and career can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Sullivan

1888 recordings of Sir Arthur speaking and some Gilbert & Sullivan songs on Youtube at: 



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