Up the stairs to Bedfordshire – or re-development?



Now, this one should be easy.  The earliest shop tenant I could find was Cousins  & Son, the greengrocers, who moved to a smaller shop in Park Street when their lease ran out. In 1991 they closed for the last time as the development of the Atrium started.

Henry Albert Cousins was already in the area by the end of the 19th century and by 1901 he had a shop ear the (now demolished) Duke of York hotel.  By 1903 he had bought the lease on the shop on the corner of St George’s Road.

After Cousins I left, I seem to remember that it was an expensive menswear shop and there was some connection to the Charles Church family, or have I got that wrong?

The building is now due to be demolished and a block of flats built there.


3 thoughts on “Up the stairs to Bedfordshire – or re-development?

  1. Flats in the High st , whatever next . Have our planner gone totally round the bend . Yet another part of Camberley history to bite the dust . I don’t think they will be happy till there is nothing of old Camberley left .

      • I don’t seem to see much sign of that . Look at all the lovely towns around us , Guildford , Hazelmere , Alton , Farnham etc . They all knew how to keep the old but still be a busy town . They are a pleasure to walk round . Camberley is now a town where you go , do what you have to do and leave .

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