The Mystery of the Mall’s Mosaics

Recently I have been showing some photos of the mosaics on the floor of the Mall on Facebook and realised that I wasn’t the only one who had never really looked at them!

Each of the ‘streets’ in the Mall has its own mosaic, which represents the name,  and this image is reproduced above the ‘street sign’ as well.

Most of them are obvious, even if partially obscured, or with some bits replaced with plain black pieces.  But the one for Grace Reynolds Walk has mystified everyone I have asked.  The symbol is more commonly associated with St John the Baptist and is known as ‘The Lamb of God’.  It is not the logo of the Cadet Corp that Grace Reynolds was instrumental in setting up  – so, can anyone help with explaining this one?


I am hoping to be able to find out who designed the mosaics, which were put into place when the shopping centre was roofed over in the 1980s.  It is due to be completely ‘spruced up’ and the floors will then be given a marble finish.

I wonder if there is any chance of saving the mosaics?


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Mall’s Mosaics

  1. Hello Claire,
    I was given your contact details by John Creek. You recently purchased an Indenture from him on eBay – relating to 11 plots of land at Frimley. I only became aware of the item after the auction had finished and contacted John to see if I could contact the successful bidder. I was particularly interested in the Indentures as they related to Arthur Cadlick Pain. I had been looking into the Pain family history as they owned the land that my own house is built on. I. Am wondering therefore whether you might allow me to inspect the Indentures and, if possible, photograph them.
    Thanking you for your consideration,
    David Parsons
    Rockwoodhouse, Deepcut

    • Hello David – glad you managed to find me. Of the three indentures, only one mentions Arthur Cadlick Pain, because he was apparently a trustees of the estate of Emily Mary Gooch, a widow of Coopers Hill Bracknell. The land being discussed was adjacent to Hope Fountain, on the Portsmouth Road.
      I will be photographing the items myself before giving them to the Surrey History Centre and will happily let you have a copy. I am also interested in Arthur Cadlick Pain – a most fascinating man! I am hoping to include some posts on him when I have had time to finish the research. Perhaps we could compare notes?
      Claire Chesneau
      PS I can be contacted via but eBay would not allow me to pass on this information!

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