Camberley’s oldest society…..

Ephemera 1 7


This booklet was published by the Camberley Natural History Society in 1979 with an introduction which says “Whatever the degree of your present interest, it is hoped that you profit from our offering and come to greater awareness and enjoyment of your immediate surroundings”.

The society is the oldest of such societies in the town, and was formed in 1946 following a public meeting called by Maxwell Knight the naturalist and broadcaster.    Three people were made Honorary Vice Presidents – Field Marshall Viscount Alanbrooke (who lived in Hartley Wintney), George Lodge,  author and bird artist, who lived in Camberley and Brian Vesey Fitzgerald, naturalist and prolific author on country themes, who also lived locally.

Monthly meetings were held at the Grammar School and a junior branch was formed.

For many years the society produced its own Christmas card, at first designed by George Lodge, and later by Miss Jean Armitage, also a painter of birds.

In 1954 they started a card index of plant and animal life in a definite area of five miles around Camberley.  I wonder what has happened to that?


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