What is the Criterion for a Golden Fleece?

We have now reached the area around a closed pub called The Criterion  – not easy to miss as the name is still visible above the more modern shop below.  In fact the pub is visible in at least one of the early postcards Iast Tuesday, but it doesn’t seem to have gained its distinctive ‘gable’ until quite late in the day.

According to Ken Clarke he found leases for the site from the 1830s that referred to a dwelling house with land and outbuildings.  By 1849 the lease referred to 4 houses.  However, the pub itself only seems to have had room for 3 guests and had no stabling.

Simonds the brewers from Reading bought it in 1880 from a Sandhurst plumber and changed the name to the Criterion, spending work on it and building a cottage next door.

In 1909 (again, according to Ken Clarke) both teams competing for the first ever ‘Rayner Cup’ between St Georges and Camberley & York Town football clubs were treated to a meal here.

The pub closed in January 1939 but still seems to have been used as a centre for sorting out the refugees who arrived in Camberley during WW2 as one of my photos shows.

Nearby is one of the milestones that shows that London Road was part of the toll road system.  I am hoping to put together a complete list at some point.


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