Sparks Squared wins motorcycle race over difficult ground…..



I start this post with an apology – the title is a weeny bit obscure, but I couldn’t think how else to describe the fact that Arthur Blencowe Sparks, who won the very first Southern Scott Scramble in 1924 (and went on to open a garage in Camberley) was one of those unusual people who parents shared the same surname from birth.  Arthur came from Somerset via Fleet where his father had settled as a provision merchant.

Mary Bennett says that the first known motorcycle club in the town was founded in 1913 using the Victoria Hotel (that popular venue) as its HQ.  However, the ‘Camberley and district Motor Club’ was the organisation behind the scramble and those running the club were the well known names of Percy White (who ran a garage), E J Over (the department store owner) and Harold Cox (architect and captain of the Fire Brigade.

More information about the course and the contestants can be found at

and I have found a link to some photos of the 1925 scramble which looks, to me at least, as if it took place over the same area – see

….and why is it called Southern ‘Scott’ scramble?  because Scott was a well-known make of bike.  Perhaps there was sponsorship even then…….


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