Does anyone have a firm date for this school photo?

Camberley postcards 6

Here is Camberley Infants School, class 1.  All I need now is a date!

In the Camberley that was demolished to make way for the new shopping centre in the 1960s there were two schools at the corner of School Lane and Princess Street.

The first ‘National School’ in Camberley was actually in Yorktown and that moved to bigger premises, next to St Michaels Church, in 1871.  In 1883 the Frimley School Board took over the running of the school and built a new school in Camberley town centre in 1887. This was only for children up to 6, when they went to school along the London Road.  As numbers grew a new school for older children was built along side and opened in 1897.  By 1901 there were 103 in the Infants School and three staff, so I imagine this photo must be after that date, but, looking at the clothes, not long after.


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