Stray photos from the Royal Albert Orphanage…….


These four photos are all that I was able to get of a large set of negatives that were sold on eBay sometime ago.  I should imagine that they date from the 1930s and were taken to illustrate a large article on the school in the Portsmouth Road.  There used to be a sort of ‘old boys’ association – does anyone know if they still exist?  I am looking for somewhere to send the negatives for safe keeping – the Surrey Heath Museum told me that they don’t have a file so they didn’t want them.


7 thoughts on “Stray photos from the Royal Albert Orphanage…….

  1. Claire,
    I am on old boy of the Royal Albert School and still very closely connected to the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. Either you can contact me directly or send your negatives to Helen Pollard, Director of Marketing at RAAS, Gatton Park, Reigate, Surrey who will welcome them with open arms and store them safely within our archive of historical pictures.


  2. The blurred faced boy grinning and looking down at the piano would have been my granddad Richard Ayling, the Royal Albert taught him life skills he worked in the RMCA camberley as their cobbler for over 40 years, there’s a picture of him in the stain glass window of the R.M.A.’s chapel for long service, he passed away in 2005, but he has left a lot of correspondence with the Camberley museum and would often write to ken Clark, and the little blonde hair boy 2nd on the right at the front is his brother Ronald Ayling, he went on to be a engineer for British Airways great seeing these photos thank you for sharing 🙂

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