Burrow Hill Colony – information wanted!

These three small photos are all the information that I have about this colony which was set up in Frimley to deal with cases of tuberculosis, I think.  By the time that we arrived in the 1970s it had become an ‘Open-air School’ and then been taken over by a London Borough as a boarding school.

I would like to find out more so that I can write an article for this blog and would be very grateful for all and any information you may have.


32 thoughts on “Burrow Hill Colony – information wanted!

  1. I have found an article published in the Aberdeen Journal, on the 8th of May 1943.

    “The National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis has decided that, owing to difficulty of obtaining nursing and domestic staff, the colony for boys at Burrow Hill, Frimley, Surrey, which has eighty beds, will close in three month’s time.”


  2. Burrow hill became a school for boys with chest (asthma mainly) infections in the late 40s there are still a few of us arounnd and one has printed a book about this school which covers a lot of it prewar and wartime history,its worth a look

  3. Hi Bryan. I was a patient in Burrow Hill during 1941. I don’t remember you. I was in the top bunks, at the end near to the Recreation Hall! Maurice Baguley

    • You will not remember me as I was there in the fifties when it was a LCC(GLC) open air school,It was then an all boys school with boys
      mainly ffrom London who suffered chest infections(asthma, bronchitus ect)there are still a few of us around ,I was one of the youngers ones, and I am in my seventies now,there were no bunk beds in my time there

    • Hi Bryan – I was in Burrow Hill Colony from March – December 1941 a long time before you. There were top & bottom bunks, which were used at junior and seniors respectively! I was in the top bunks.
      I was discharged in late December 1941 & got a job as office boy to an Isleworth estate agent, when I left in 1942 I obtained a position in the drawing office school of The Fairey Aviation Co at Hayes, Mddx.

      Regards – Maurice

  4. Hello everyone, I am seeking any info on my grandmother who was put in a sanitarium around 1942. She was suffering from TB and lived in Wolverhampton. Her daughter, my mother, was adopted. I am trying to find out which sanitarium she went to and when she died. Any ideas?!
    Jane (Maryland, USA)

  5. Hi Claire,
    My name is Ron Hyam I was at Burrow Hill School during the 50s,i was there from 1952 to 1956 when it closed,the greater London county stoped using it for boys will chest complants at that time,it was the best years of my young life.

      • HI Maurice Coffey My name is Terry mulligan we shared a 4 bedded dormitory in Orchard block ( or was it valley block ) we sat next to each in the coach from I believe County Hall it would be nice to hear from you after all this time I have thought of you often over the last 60 odd years Regards Terry

      • Hello Terry,
        This is amazing to hear from you after all this time. We were in Orchard dormitory. Do you recall Mr. and Mrs Rees and teachers Mr. Bellis (class 4) Mr.Jarman (class 3) Mr. Allen (class 2) and, I think, Mr. Stevensen(Class 1) Also Miss Rempy who was our housemother for a while. I have put together a DVD of photos supplied to me by Eric Morris who left the school in 1953 before we got there. I will send it to you if you give me your address. Fantastic to hear from you again !!!
        my email address is bluelight.enigma@yahoo.com.

  6. My grandfather must have spent time here; I have a Shorthand Typing Certificate dated May 1931 that he obtained there.

    • He would have been 16 years old by then. He was always adamant that he hadn’t had TB, but he spent a large part of his childhood in sanatoriums from age 5 onwards, and met my grandmother while in Colindale Hospital (when she visited her first husband who died of TB).

  7. I am looking into the history of one of my ancestors. His name of Aflie Foster, died at the age of 43 in 1926. I wonder then in that case, did he had TB? I thought Burrow Hill was for boys? Might he have been a teacher there? Not sure. Any ideas would be good thank you 🙂

      • Hello Claire

        My name is Janet and today my Dad and I were on our way to the medical museum in Frimley when Dad announced for the first time ever that he had been to a school in Frimley. After doing some digging this afternoon I have found out quite a bit of information about Burrow Hill.Dad remembers going down to the town on a Saturday morning to buy sweets. He also remembers Mr Tany the Head Master, would you know when Mr Tangy was there as Dad cant remember how old he was when he went to Burrow Hill.

        Previous people have mentioned a book and DVD would you know where I might see or buy a copy of these please?

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