And the final pages of this early 20th century Camberley guide-book…..

….bring a varied mixture of the old and new.  The Camberley Carriage and Motor Car Works in the Frimley Road are struggling to keep up with maintaining the old and servicing the new (‘tyres vulcanised’).  Frederic Robinson was doing much the same, offering ‘miniatures on any basis’ as well as being a studio photographer.

On the inside back cover we have a look at the ‘new’ Camberley – Leonard Permain was newly arrived in the town and was one of a group of sporty young men (including the Poulter brothers) who did much to promote the town and provide its housing.

Even G J Payne, though, despite being a ‘military and family bootmaker’ had moved with the times and proudly advertised ‘We also stock The Popular High-grade MOCCASIN Gent’s Footwear.  Modelled on Scientific Lines…….Easy, Elegant, Enduring.


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