The interior of a lost stationery shop?

Stationery shop

All it says on the back of this photograph is ‘the shop at Camberley’ – I am not even sure it is a stationery shop.  Does it spark any memories anywhere?  The town has had several stationery businesses and they have moved about from Yorktown to the High Street……


2 thoughts on “The interior of a lost stationery shop?

  1. My grandfather James Bessell, 1885-1926, was the son/grandson? Of twins who built up a department store supplying the army in Camberley.. My mother,Pauline Bennet,nee Bessell, told me this information. This store was very successful when first opened but the son/ grandson was not interested in business and it gradually declined. Have you any information about this shop and or persons.
    Thank you Elona Bennett

    • Thanks for the information Elona. Are you descended from either the Over or Allder family? These were the two department stores in the town. I have done some work on both families on Ancestry but none of them has ever contacted me. The Allders family business continued to the 1970s and the Overs slightly longer. If neither if these names are connected then we need to do a bit of digging in censuses – are you on Ancestry?

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