Silent for almost 30 years and now chiming on every quarter hour

Thought you would be interested in this blog post by Councillor Tim Dodds. I believe that there was an 18th clockmaker in Frimley High Street?


Stood proudly next to the doors leading into the Council Chamber of Surrey Heath Borough Council has sat a longcase clock in a carved dark wood case. In all of my years in the council, the clock has never worked. I’m led to believe it hasn’t worked for about 30 years.

That it hasn’t worked has often been commented on. Anyway, the clock was sent away for repair, and has been missing from the Chamber for quite a while. Last week the clock was returned after repair, and placed back in its case. It was given a thorough clean and polish by the Council’s security team. After silence for about thirty years, the clock now tells the time, and chimes on every quarter, half and hour. Magnificent. Though it was a surprise to hear it chime every quarter in a meeting I attended last week.

Thought you might like to be reminded of what the clock looks…

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