Where Camberley used to celebrate is now a driveway!

You are looking at the site of The Victoria in the London Road – yet another building that I only hazily remember and for details of which I am looking at Ken Clarke’s book!

It was a tall, white painted building with an extension at the front which housed a glass company when we moved into the town – they used to have an example of their conservatory windows on the roof above.

It seems to have dated from the middle of the 19th century and been originally separate houses.  It was both a hotel with a bar and a set of meeting rooms which were quite vital to Camberley life.  At one point the garden behind was even used by a fledgling bowling club who later moved to the Recreation Ground when that became available.   In 1913, a motorcycle club was formed after a meeting there and in 1914 the Camberley and Yorktown Football Club celebrated there with a ‘smoking concert’ (gentlemen only, presumably…..).

It closed as a licensed premises in 1963 and was finally demolished in the 1980s.



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