Whoopee, I’ve helped Camberley Historian find a memorial statue

Lovely to be able to do some ‘crowd sourcing’ with Councillor Tim Dodds and get an answer to my earlier query about the whereabouts of this statue.


The Camberley Historian noted, rather pleasingly and surprisingly, my blog post about the repair of the long case clockin our Council Chamber.

Army Ordnance Corps - South African War MemorialA good reason then to take a virtual wander around the Camberley Historian blog. Guess what, I found a request for information on the blog that I could help with. It’s about – The Case of the Wandering Statue…, and a request to find out where it resides in Camberley.

Well, whoopee. I know the answer. The war memorial is to the fallen of the Army Ordnance Corps South African Campaign. It’s not located in Camberley as such, as it sits at the edge of the parade ground at Princess Royal Barracks in Deepcut. The statue was erected by the officers, warrant officers, NCO’s, and men of the Army Ordnance Corps in memory of their comrades who lost their lives in the South African Campaign, 1899-1902.

Here’s my photo of the statue…

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