So, where was the photographer standing?

Camberley postcards assorted 3

I am intrigued – this view of the RMA is totally impossible now – so where could the photographer have been, probably about 100 years ago or is it not really a photograph?


2 thoughts on “So, where was the photographer standing?

  1. I reckon the photograph was taken on or near the A30 – perhaps near the lake?

    FYI : if you have never been to the annual open day at the academy – usually a Sunday in mid-June – it’s well worth a visit – take a picnic (or enjoy a Gurkha curry) and have a good day out!

    • Looking at the satellite view on Google Maps, the only place to photograph this view is on Osnaburgh Hill, but I doubt if that is high enough. I have come to the conclusion that the photographer was actually on the roof of Osnaburgh House!
      Thank you for the reminder about the Open Day – a very popular local event and well worth making the effort to go!

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