1215 and all that …

Nothing to do with Camberley, but I am re-blogging because I think my readers will be interested – many thanks!

Echoes from the Vault

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So, 2015 is the anniversary year for Magna Carta – 800 years on and the document still has clauses in legal force and has a powerful appeal as ‘a touchstone of English liberties’ (Nick Higham, BBC) . The first week of February saw news reports about a Historic Magna Carta moment, when the four original surviving copies of the 1215 Magna Carta were brought together for the first time. More than 40,000 people entered a public ballot for the chance to see them, with 1,215 people winning the opportunity to visit the display at the British Library during that week. All four documents were together at the BL for 3 days, then for a day in the House of Lords and then they were dispersed – two returning to the BL and the others back to their homes at Lincoln and Salisbury Cathedrals.

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