Camberley was Once one of the Healthiest Places in England!

Very interesting – thanks Ken Clarke!

The Camberley Society: News

female patients copy Female patients at work at the Brompton Sanatorium, as part of their treatment plan.

Camberley was once considered one of the healthiest places in England due to its fresh air and abundance of pine trees, so said the medical journal, the Lancet in 1873.

Read on for the past history of the Brompton Sanatorium (otherwise known as the Ridgewood Centre) (with thanks to Ken Clarke, local historian, for information provided), and a glimpse of its future.

In 1846, a London solicitor, Phillip Rose, who was appalled by the high number of people who were dying from consumption decided to do something about it. At the age of 25, Rose (after one of his clerks, suffering from consumption (now more familiarly known as tuberculosis), was refused admittance to several hospitals. Rose then decided to establish a hospital for sufferers of tuberculosis without the financial means to pay for treatment.

His actual words were: “Consumption, the…

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