Even if this one did exist – it doesn’t now!



Two apologies first – one for the wobbly picture – the sheet was too big to go in the scanner, and secondly for the over large watermark.

St George’s church is, of course, long gone.  It used to stand between St George’s Road and the A30 and had been built (and financed) by the Reverend Middleton in memory of his wife and to provide the congregation in eastern Camberley with a church that was easier to get to than St Michaels.  When St Paul’s was built up on Crawley Hill it took some of the congregation away and then the church was finally demolished in the 1970s redevelopment of the town centre.



2 thoughts on “Even if this one did exist – it doesn’t now!

  1. St George’s Church. I was in the choir for most of my childhood. This picture is so evocative. There was a wrought iron at the chancel as well as the lady chapel shown. Also there was the most wonderful carved reredos of Christ in Glory. Mr Medland was the Choirmaster/Organist up until about 1959, when a Mr Hirst from Fanborough took over. He was a scrap dealer who had a rescued organ at his depot. An unlikely choirmaster, but popular. Some of the adult choir members included Arthur Gilman, of Portesbery road, Tenor, Mr Gray, Alto, from Park street, and Mr Ken Smith, Bass, from Frimley Road (who worked at the council offices).

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