Curraghvoe – now this does exist and this drawing answers a big mystery!



This is one of my favourite Camberley houses and it still stands in Upper Gordon Road, close to Middleton Road.  For a long time I thought it had been designed by Charles Voysey (see but I discovered it wasn’t on his list of accredited works.  The house was recently on the market but, unfortunately, there was no clue as to the architect in the sales particulars.  Then I found this …’s a Poulter, silly me!


3 thoughts on “Curraghvoe – now this does exist and this drawing answers a big mystery!

  1. Hi Claire,

    My partner and I recently bought Curraghvoe and found your blog when researching the history of the house. I was wondering where the original images in this article can be found?

    • Colin

      It says ‘Photograph by B A (Briant Alfred) Poulter’ beneath that of the house but I don’t know if it would have been included in the documents left behind when he ceased to work with his brother or whether he would have taken it with him. He died in 1972 in Warlingham and, as far as I know his only child died in infancy. I think he married for a second time in the 1950s but I’m afraid I don’t know what happened to his papers after this death. They might be at the Surrey History Centre? Surry Heath Museum has some papers from the architecture practice with his brother but I think these are mainly house plans. It might be worth asking there.
      As for the photographs of the plans, these might have belonged to the publishers of the architectural magazine – unfortunately, I only have a few ‘disembodied’ pages and I don’t have the name of the publication.
      I’m sorry not be of more use to you. As I’m sure you’re aware, your next door neighbour, June Nunn, also knows a lot about the house!

      • Hi Claire,

        Thank you. Following your advice we spoke to the Surrey Heath Museum, who kindly provided copies of the plans, a couple of photos, and the original plans for a 3 storey house for which the planning application was rejected.

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