The Mystery of the Letter…..

July 2015 Assorted paper oddments 10 July 2015 Assorted paper oddments 11

The envelope, humble piece of stationery, is quite a new invention and people just used to fold up the letter itself and put the address on a blank section.

The nation wide ‘Penny Post’ system hadn’t been running for many years when this missive was sent from Frimley to Bagshot and the mystery is ‘What does it say?” – I admit I can only make it out in bits!


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Letter…..

  1. Having studied long and hard at this letter, my suggestion for a transcript would be as follows…

    Sir, Robinson sometime ago called on me and showed the accounts of a debt due to him for ??????. Immediately recommended him to put it into a respectable attorney’s hands ??????? that the party have money in the bank at the present time. I wished him to be instructed by you and whatever steps that you recommended would be advisable for him to ???? ?????? With him at the present time is at a stand still to know how to act therefore ?????? He having wished to write to you on the subject you will most likely forward Robinson with an answer on what is to be done.
    I am sir, respectfully your obedient servant . Ivy Mundford. Frimley 17 1843

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