And now this blog is going to disappear…..


……and slip into the pages of history itself.  I have decided to close my local history research down and although I’ll leave this site ‘live’ – and answer any queries – I’m not going to add anything more.  Many thanks to all my readers, it’s been fun!

10 thoughts on “And now this blog is going to disappear…..

  1. Claire, I’ve literally just come upon your blog while looking up Willliam Wells-King’s connection to Camberley for his grandson Crispin (whose full name is Crispin Richard Wells King). We live in Devon and I posted a link on our Holsworthy Museum Facebook page to the lovely photo of the Congregational Church, Grand Avenue on your blog.
    My husband Kevin and I lived in Park Road, Camberley for 20+ years before moving to Devon in 2014, and it is extraordinary that we keep finding connections down here to Camberley.
    I agree with EJ Jackson – this is a lovely blog and it seems such a pity for it to end. Mind you, I haven’t updated my blog for a while now!

  2. Reblogged this on AncestorsReunited and commented:
    Great appreciation for all the hard work done by Clare Chesneau on this amazing blog ‘Camberley Historian’. Camberley is not my birth town, but I have now lived here longer than I did in Aldershot, where I was born so it is now ‘home’! Thank you Clare!

  3. Hello Claire! I came across you site in the search for information about the Beaufront Girls school that was in Camberly until the 60s. Do you have any leads on where the school went? It’s frightfully difficult to find anything besides your blog with solid informtation about the place!

    I did find a site that seemed to claim that the school was evacuated during the war to Somerset, which is not noted on the brief history we have.

    Anyway, any extra information would be brilliant.

    • Hi Victoria, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help, but I have a vague feeling that the school merged with another or had a change of ownership before the move.
      My own secondary school has disappeared into the sand because of doing this, and the problem is that previous pupils lose interest once this happens.
      Just a thought, but have you tried asking one of those private school advisory firms if anything rings a bell?
      As an absolute last chance, the local museum has a school file but it’s very thin……

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