And now this blog is going to disappear…..


……and slip into the pages of history itself.  I have decided to close my local history research down and although I’ll leave this site ‘live’ – and answer any queries – I’m not going to add anything more.  Many thanks to all my readers, it’s been fun!

8 thoughts on “And now this blog is going to disappear…..

  1. Claire, I’ve literally just come upon your blog while looking up Willliam Wells-King’s connection to Camberley for his grandson Crispin (whose full name is Crispin Richard Wells King). We live in Devon and I posted a link on our Holsworthy Museum Facebook page to the lovely photo of the Congregational Church, Grand Avenue on your blog.
    My husband Kevin and I lived in Park Road, Camberley for 20+ years before moving to Devon in 2014, and it is extraordinary that we keep finding connections down here to Camberley.
    I agree with EJ Jackson – this is a lovely blog and it seems such a pity for it to end. Mind you, I haven’t updated my blog for a while now!

  2. Reblogged this on AncestorsReunited and commented:
    Great appreciation for all the hard work done by Clare Chesneau on this amazing blog ‘Camberley Historian’. Camberley is not my birth town, but I have now lived here longer than I did in Aldershot, where I was born so it is now ‘home’! Thank you Clare!

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