This blog started out as an experiment to try and create a ‘crowd-sourced’ history of the Camberley that sits in Surrey, England.

Unfortunately, although there is a great ‘wash’ of wonderful material swirling around Facebook, I haven’t been able to tempt it to come and settle here, where everyone can see it.

So, now I am going to concentrate on just sharing some small items, such as postcards and programmes that I have managed to find and which are really too ‘ephemeral’ to interest the local museum.  By putting them up here, I hope that they can still be seen by everyone who might be interested.

Please, please comment on anything I have written and even send me anything you would like me to post here.  I can be contacted via camberleyhistorian@outlook.com.



16 thoughts on “About

  1. I am trying to find some information about a children’s boarding school/home my mother says she was sent to in 1947 to 1947 in the Rackstraw area of Camberly. Do you know of any school that existed. She says it was called Little Folks school. Thanks

    • Rackstraw Farm is in Owlsmoor/Sandhurst, Ann, rather than Camberley and I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the history of that area. Some Berkshire local historians may be able to help?

      • Miss Evelyn Potter, Little Folks, Upper Park Road is in telephone directories from 1946 to 1951. On a 1969 map there is a Maria Montessori School on roughly the site of the current 26 and 28 Upper Park Road, and Cheswycks Lodge School about where Shalbourne Rise now is. Perhaps Little Folks became one of those.

  2. Little Folks School, a Montessori pre-school boarding school run by a Miss Potter, situated, I believe, on Upper Park Road, Camberley. I spent 2-3 happy years there, 1950-52ish. I even have a couple of photos…

    • Hi Dr John Wieczorek. Thank you for your response. I would love to see the photos. Any chance you can send them to ann.jackson7@ntlworld.com. My mother was at this school possibly around the same time as yourself. Her name is Daphne? Any memories of this school would be great as my Mother is not able to remember much. She does, however, remember a boy visiting with his father who she believes came in an expensive vehicle but never stayed for long. I am currently away but can maybe confirm more info when i get back home.

    • Hi,

      I went there in around 1966. I staill have clare memories of various rooms, the dining halls, one blue and one pink and the building but mostly about the back garden / playground which had an old black 1930s car in which we could play all over.

      I would love to see any photos of the building or the school. I don’t know if its still standing.

      Neil Chowney

  3. As a young child I lived in Southampton and on many weekends we would drive up to London to visit our grandparents. We remember seeing the dog lady as we passed through Camberley, and the level crossing, but I seem to remember a little man on a pole, perhaps with a lawnmower, but after scouring the Internet we are unable to find any mention of him. Was that really in Camberley? Was it a pub sign? Was he mowing a lawn?

  4. Hi all, Luke Blair here from Australia. If i’m not mistaken, I believe my Great Grandfather on my father’s mother’s side built or owned “Cordwalles” School – Gerard Masterman Loly. My Grandmother grew up there. If anyone has any info or perhaps photos other I/we would love to see them. Please be i contact at luke.blair@me.com.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Luke Blair

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